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Russian translationPyotr Patrushev - a bi-lingual Russian translator; internationally recognized A-level grading for bi-directional (English - Russian) interpreting and translation. Based in Australia.

Russian translateMember of  Russian translate "International Association of Conference Interpreters", Russian (A), English (A).

Member of Russian translation"National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters" - Level 5 (Senior Advanced Professional Russian Translator). See NAATI  Acknowledgement for Contribution as a panel examiner of translators.

Russian into English and English into Russian translation

Certified written translations (with a seal and a signature) of most subjects, including medical translations, legal, government, technical, scientific,  diplomas, birth certificates, sport/recreation, art, education, current affairs, trade agreements, specifications, drawings, correspondence, faxes, e-mail, web pages, etc.

Russian translation

Pyotr Patrushev interprets for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Russian Upper House Speaker Sergey Mironov 

Russian translation

Pyotr Patrushev interprets for Prime Minister Bob Hawk & for Premier Ryzhkov


 Russian translator

Tel: 0416 241658
(in Australia)


+61 (0)416 241658

Slide show:  interpreter's work and life

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Pyotr Patrushev & Dr Andrei Sakharov in San Francisco

Russian translation

Pyotr Patrushev interprets for Prime Minister Howard & President Putin


Pyotr's Russian translation  of  Everyone Can Win is available online  (free download in Russian)


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Russian translator

Russian English Translation Services


Interpreting at live seminars, conferences, presentations and training sessions


Voice-over corporate video and audio CDs


Translating WebPages in English and Russian (design and layout optional)


Credit and background reports on Russian companies and individuals (price list on request)

Russian translation

Russian Translation Testimonials

"Your work as interpreter for the Prime Minister was greatly appreciated." Peter Langhorne, Principal Private Secretary for the Prime Minister, Australia

"I just write to thank you for your great help at APEC CEO meeting. You have done a wonderful job in making sure that the interpretation went on smoothly without any glitches." A. Chew, Project Manager

"Many thanks for the timely response to our request and for the work undertaken by Pyotr Patrushev.  We would be grateful if you could convey our appreciation to him for his efforts." Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

"I would like to thank you for the contributions you have made to NAATI and the accreditation system in defining and implementing the standards for the translation and interpreting profession in Australia...It has been most appreciated." Robert Foote, Accreditation Manager, NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) .  See NAATI Acknowledgement for Contribution as a panel examiner of translators.

“We have had an ongoing need for translation of Russian documents and Pyotr has not only been highly professional from my point of view as a consumer but has also had the highest respect of our russophone staff and russophone clients. His highly developed personal skills make it a pleasure to deal with him. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity". George Lombard, George Lombard  Consultancy

"Thanks for all your help on the translations. I really appreciate the prompt responses to our requests and the professional way in which you have handled all my queries." Kim Lang, DAE

"Language Services thanks Pyotr for his contributions throughout the year (Russian translation)." Ann Groth, Director, Language Services, Community Relations Commission 

"You were the "Asian Dream Team", and I hope that we will have many more opportunities to work together." Bill Weber, Language Services International

Qatar (Doha) Certificate of Appreciation for interpreting at the Asian Games

Guangshou (China) Certificate of Appreciation for interpreting at the Asian Games


Russian translation


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Russian Translation Australia


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based in Australia

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